Lyft 4.19.31

Get picked up by a reliable community driver in minutes

Fed up of trying to hail down a cab at the end of a long night? Tired of paying over the odds for quick cab journeys and night buses? With Lyft you'll be amazed at just how much money you can save, with great rates on last minute cab fares, getting you from your pick up spot to your intended destination faster than ever, at just a fraction of the cost.

Free to download to Android phones, this app uses your location puts you in touch with Lyft drivers in your area. Accept the fare and you'll be picked up in moments, saving you the hassle of waiting around for a dispatched car from the other side of town to find you.

The perfect option if you're with friends, the Lyft app lets you pay safely and securely online through the app, meaning you don't have to go hunting for loose change to make up a fare. If you're splitting a cab with friends, you can split the bill easily, providing everyone in your party has the Lyft app downloaded to their phone. Great for saving money on premium rides, you'll get only the best service when you book a ride with Lyft.

Enjoy quality cab rides at a fraction of the cost, always with total confidence and peace of mind. All Lyft drivers are thoroughly background checked, assesses and approved before being able to pick up a single passenger. You can count on the most reliable local drivers, with the best local knowledge and road routes to get you to your destinations quicker than ever. Don't worry about ever paying more than the fare the app quotes you. All your fare payments are settled according to your initial quote, so it doesn't matter how long your journey takes.

With Lyft, you can shave hours off your travelling time every week. Make sure your social life doesn't suffer thanks to delays with public transport or cancellations, and opt for a speedy cab ride instead with Lyft. You'll always get competitive quotes, and pronto pick up every time.

Try Lyft for a friendly, affordable ride whenever you need one. Just tap a button, and in minutes you’ll be picked up by a friendly driver who’ll take you to your destination safely and on time.

In addition to an awesome pink mustache:

• All Lyft drivers pass extensive background and DMV checks
• Drivers are rated by passengers, only the highest rated drivers allowed on the road
• Up to $1M excess liability insurance

Lyft is the only service where your next friend could be in the driver seat. Install now and get your next ride with Lyft!



Lyft 4.19.31

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